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  AAMA American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
  AAMA American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, one of the best acupuncture resources on the internet.
  AcuBriefs - A Place To Learn
  Acubriefs is sponsored by the Medical Acupuncture Research Foundation (MARF).
  AcuLinks WWW Directory
  United States
  Traditional Chinese Medicine spoken here.
  An open forum for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
  Americam Academy of Veterinary Medical Acupuncture (AAVMA)
  Offers continuing education courses and training in veterinary medical acupuncture, manual therapy (osteopathic/chiropractic), herbs, and other complementary, and alternative medical modalities.
  Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association Ltd.
  The leading national professional association of acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine practitioners in Australia
  Blue Poppy Enterprises
  Publisher of books and educational products about Chinese medicine and acupuncture, professional seminars, continuing education via distance learning, and herbal products
  Cinnabar Swan / Acupuncture
  The written history of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine dates back over 4,000 years, and in some form it has been…
  Dr. Andrew Weil, DrWeil.com
  Ask Dr. Andrew Weil!
  Energetics of Living Systems - Acupuncture
  The only comprehensive web site source for the latest information on acupuncture - ELS. The system that bridges ancient Chinese acupuncture and modern medicine.
  European Journal of Oriental Medicine
  The European Journal of Oriental Medicine (EJOM) is the journal of the British Acupuncture Council.
  HealthWorld Online
  HealthWorld Online - Alternative Medicine Center - Natural & Alternative Approaches
  National Center for Complimentary & Alternative Medicine
  The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is dedicated to exploring complementary and alternative healing.
  One of the web's top alternative health sites.
  Qi - The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness
  Qi - The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness
  Qinway Qigong
  Master Qinyin’s new healing system emphasizes energy infusion, detoxification, and fasting. Offers a variety of classes, retreats and information.
  Quantum Wellness at Stoneledge
  We offer an array of services in a relaxing home-like atmosphere. Our services are designed to teach you to attain…
  TCM Student
  Welcome! This is my little addition to the world of Oriental Medicine catered toward those that want to be or are in the process
  The Journal of Chinese Medicine
  The Journal of Chinese Medicine is the premier English-language journal devoted to the whole field of Chinese medicine…
  The Medical Acupuncture Web Page
  Through these pages , we would like to inform Medical Doctors and other Health Care Professionals, of the therapeutic properties of Acupuncture.
  The Study Of Acupuncture In Humans And Animals
  Phil Rogers' links to Online Study Material, reviews, bibliographies, articles, papers, lectures on Integrative Medicine…
  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  acupuncture, herbs, formulas, diagnosis, foundation, internal medicine, gynecology, tuina massage, food cure, information, pictures, newsletter, and more
  Vilberto's Home Page
  Very large resource of many varied acupuncture web links.
  General information medical website
  WholeHealthMD the source for Alternative medicine, Complementary medicine, Integrative medicine.