Welcome to acuxo.com Library page. Click on the links on the left to indicate the first reponse. A list will appear to the right which allows a second reponse. Click on the second reponse list and you will get a list of acupuncture points appropriate for the conditions you entered. Click on the acupuncture point name (GV16) to see an image and description of the point.
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 Bi Syndrome
 Frozen Shoulder
 Lin Syndrome
 Poor Memory
 Pulmonary TB
 Seminal Emission
 Sinus Problem
 Sore Throat
 Urine Retention
 Yu Syndrome










Step One: Start by clicking on the "Conditions" list on the left. Doing this will allow you to be more specific within the selected condition.

Step Two: Click on one of the responses to get a point prescription, treatment principles, comments, and other information.

Step Three: Click on the one of the acupuncture points to see images of the point's location and its meridian.