Welcome to acuxo.com (ak . you . eks. oh), the number one online acupuncture resource on the Internet. Borne from university research, acuxo.com has been one of the most visited acupuncture web sites for many years and has garnered many prestigious awards. Most recently, acuxo was awarded a National Institutes of Health (NIH) research grant to for further development of the Acupuncture Decision Engine.
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 Acupuncture Points


Acupuncture Points
.: acuxo's Acupuncture Points window gives you access to hundreds of detailed award winning images showing the exact point locations along with their associated meridians.
.: every window includes a close up point location as well as a full sized reference image.
.: each window has detailed descriptions of locations, chinese names, indications and much more in in an easy to navigate environment.
Point Selections
.: the Points Selection window includes literally thousands of acupucture point combitions based on conditions, questions, and indications.
.: each acupuncture point presented from the points selection window's algorythm can show each point's image location and much more.
.: with easy-to-use instructions, this window is one of the most visited parts of acuxo.com
.: acuxo's Abstracts window gives you access to hundreds of National Institutes of Health research documents in an easy to use search format
.: each window provides an abstract, author, date, local, web address, publication and much more.
.: all abstracts are from a variety of subject matter in a broad range of acupuncture, done by top researchers from around the world.
Acupuncture Meridians
.: the Acupuncture Meridians windows is arranged to facilitate quick and convenient data regarding all acupuncture points.
.: as with all of acuxo.com's windows, click on the point (exp. PC1) inside the meridian pages for images.
.: acuxo's Library provides many point prescriptions in an easy to use window. Our statistics tell us this is one of our user's favorite pages.
.: simply click on the indication, then narrow down by clicking on a condition and you will find researched point prescriptions
.: each point prescription includes images, treatments, descriptions, and explanations of each acupuncture point's action(s).
Acupuncture Resources
.: the Acupunction Resource window has hundreds of related web sites organized for easy navigation.
.: acuxo.com is listed in hundreds of acupuncture and health related web sites all over the world and is happy to provide appropriate links by emailing admin@acuxo.com.

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